Randi Hagler is the owner of the company. She also is our sales representative. If you are looking to purchase a new computer or printer, She can help you determine which one is best for you according to your needs. She can help you with the ordering of hardware parts or software for your office. She can also give you more information about the service contracts that Corporate Computers offers. Her husband Brian Hagler is one of the original founders of Corporate Computers and still consults from time to time.
Contact Randi at: rhagler@corporatecomputersinc.com








Jim Tom is the service manager of the company and has been so nearly from Corporate Computer's inception. His excellent managing skills help our operations run smoothly and efficiently .He has over 20 years of experience in the computer and printer repair business.
Contact Jim at: j.tom@corporatecomputersinc.com








Tony Perez is our inhouse technician. He first became A+ Certified in 1995. He has been with Corporate Computers since july 1999. Tony specializes in desktop and laptop repair. Both hardware and software.Tony is our tech in charge of assisting customers who call our office, in scheduling service calls and dispatching our field technicians.
Contact Tony at: tperez@corporatecomputersinc.com








Yoni Gross is one of our field technicians. A+ Certified, he has many years of experience in computer maintenance. Yoni's expertise range from networks, to printers, to iphones and droids. His specialty is the interaction between computers, tablets and mobile devices.
Contact Yoni at: ygross@corporatecomputersinc.com








Steve Soep is one of our field technicians. Steve started working on computers in the late 80s when computers ran DOS before Windows came into being. Steve has had a varied career in the technical arena and has always enjoyed working with complex technical equipment.
Contact Steve at: steve@corporatecomputersinc.com